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Workshop with Italian choreographer Chiara Bersani

The first time we met Italian choreographer Chiara Bersani was during Rovereto Choreographic Lab that took place in Rovereto, Italy in September 2017. The lab was part of the EU-project Moving Beyond Inclusion and gathered both dance artists and administrative staff from the participating project partners.

Image of choreographer Chiara Bersani. Photo: Giulia Agostini

Chiara was one of three invited choreographers that worked with dancers from the projects partners during the week-long lab. After the lab, Chiara got in touch with us in Spinn expressing how inspired she’d become by the Spinn dancers and their curious approach towards investigation and creation, with a wish to keep in touch with us. And on our end, we’d become very curious about working with her in some way. Said and done. Monday and Tuesday November 19-20 Chiara visited Spinnstudion to hold a workshop for Spinn’s dancers and few select guests. We’re also very exited that Chiara has been chosen for Aerowaves 2019 with her performance Gentle Unicorn. Read more about this here.

Whether this work will result in something more along the line is still unclear, but we know for a fact that both the dancers and Chiara got incredibly inspired from working with each other during these two days!