Danskompaniet Spinn


norm-breaking and inclusive



13:30 - 14:30

Theatre Museum
Cable Factory, Kaapeliaukio 3, G Lobby
00180 Helsingfors
Ice Hot Nordic Dance – seminar

Equity in dance production: What are we doing and what are we missing?

Spinn’s artistic director Veera Suvalo Grimberg is taking part in this seminar together with a group of people in the dance field.

How do you achieve equality in your organisation? How can your dance production be more diverse and inclusive? Which inequalities often go unnoticed in our everyday work practice?

Equity means enabling everyone to succeed on an equal basis, despite differences in backgrounds and resources. What does equity in dance production processes look like and how can we work towards it?

Read more about the seminar here.

The seminar is supported by EDN and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, and will be livestreamed.

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