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Preview of Spinn’s new solo performance Denna sida upp!

There is a lot happening at the same time now in the coming weeks for Spinn! On Saturday it is time for the tour team with the performance Hannah Felicia to travel to Iceland. At home in Gothenburg, there will be a preview of a new solo performance with Spinn’s dancer Emilia Wärff!

On November 19, a preview of This side will be shown at Kulturhuset Bergsjön during the Anti-Discrimination Agency’s 10-year anniversary. The program for the anniversary presents a mix of culture and conversation – about discrimination, civil society and about the start of the Anti-Discrimination Agency West and about how it is now, ten years later.

Location: Kulturhuset Bergsjön, Rymdtorget.
Time: Saturday 19 November, at 12:30-15:30

Read the full program for the day here!

Denna sida upp
The dancer and designer Emilia Wärff has, in close collaboration with the composer and musician Anna Gustavsson, created a work about benevolence, limitations, luxury, Swedishness and security. Last but not least, the fast service and shoe protection. The performance at Antidiskrimineringsbyrån’s 10-year anniversary is a preview/work in progress and plans to be shown in its entirety with a premiere in February 2023. The photo is a rehearsal photo.

Composition and music: Anna Gustavsson
Choreography: Emilia Wärff
Dance: Emilia Wärff
Production: Danskompaniet Spinn and Producentbyrån