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Globe & Climate workshops in Härryda kommun

After an incredibly nice tour up in Norrland with the performance Miramos, it is now time for Globe & climate workshops in Härryda kommun.

There will be no less than about twenty workshops over the next three weeks. Full focus on issues related to the climate and on how together we can make big differences in the small things. We talk about shared responsibility, think about how everything’s connected and how we together can make a change. Because together we are both strong, brave and inventive.

The dancers in Spinn are excited to visit: Lanvetterskola, Vällsjöskola, Hindåsskola, Härrydaskola, Lunnaskola, Hällingsjöskola, Högadalskola, Säteriskola, Skinnefjällskola, Rävlandaskola, Furuhällskola and Backaskola. So yes, there will be a lot!