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16:00 - 17:00

3:e Våningen
Sockerbruket 9
Cryptic Gymnastics at 3:e Våningen

On Friday March 23 at 19.00 and on Saturday March 24 at 16.00 we will present the performance Cryptic Gymnastics at 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg. The performance is part of the program Tre Duetter where Spinn’s dancer Emilia Wärff will also present the new duet If I was the rabbit and you a bear together with Madeleine Månsson from Skånes Dansteater. Skånes Dansteater will also be presenting the performance Dare to Wreck.

More information can be found here!

About Cryptic Gymnastics
Listless gymnastics. Ugly gymnastics. Facial gymnastics. Do we really need to feel super psyched about colorful ribbons and synchronized movements? And what would happen if you just do what you feel like? In the duet Cryptic Gymnastics, the dancers challenge and investigate the stereotypic ideas in classic gymnastics. With equal parts of friendship and rivalry, the two dancers take on traditional gymnastics equipment like ribbons, ropes and balls.

Cryptic Gymnastics is inspired by classical school gymnastics, carried out in large groups and in straight lines. But it also draws from the modern rhythmic gymnastics, with its strong competitive culture and where the athletes are harnessed into perfection and uniformity. But how do you find joy, playfulness and a space for everyone in traditions like these?

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