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15:00 - 16:00

Järntorget 7
41304 Göteborg
Friday workout with Felicia and Livsanda

Finally Felicia’s workout class is back and at a new location!

After a hiatus with the workout group, Livsanda is now starting the workout again. This class will be customized for you to be able to do the exercises according to your own conditions. The idea is that anyone can participate, regardless of previous experience, stamina or strength.

I, Felicia, who’s leading the workout, have a great deal of experience in training and in leading workouts. During the class I’ll show different alternatives to the exercises so that anyone, whether you have extensive experience in training or is a beginner, should be able to participate. I’m in a wheelchair, so focus on most exercises will be the upper body, but for anyone interested I’ll also give instructions on exercises for the legs. During the class, we’ll only use our own body weight and we’ll combine exercises for both stamina and strength.

We’ll kick things off with a “Valentines Day workout” on Friday February 14. Please send an email to Ilse.benitez@livsanda.se if you want to join us!

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