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normbrytande och inkluderande



16:00 - 17:00

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet
Södra hamnen 6
Gård av träd

Outside the window grows a birch grove.

During the latest forest taxation, fir and pine were the two most common trees in Sweden. Birch is the third most common tree, just like Margareta Karlsson is Sweden’s third most common first and last name. Funny how things turn out.

With a bittersweet humor and a mix between physical theatre and dance, Finnish choreographer Tanja Eloranta takes on aging and old age. Tanja is part of Teatteri Metamorfoosi in Helsinki, where she teaches, participates in performances and choreographs. In her work, she often mixes dance and physical theatre.

Ticket price: 150 sek, 100 sek for members/Scenpass, 100 sek under 25 years
Buy your ticket at: www.tjorn.riksteatern.se

At the retirement home, time is standing still. It’s been three years since Lennart passed away. She misses the cruises and she misses the heat on her skin. She misses having someone looking at her red lips. Sometimes she’s back there, then she can almost feel the taste of pineapple and Gin. Every Thursday at 2:30 pm sharp, she takes her seat in the TV room. Love Boat at top volume. This is the best moment of the week.

Outside the leaves are falling in a rain of colors, turning the trees to bare silhouettes against the sky.

Garden of trees is about living together and about growing old together. About getting closer to another human being and sharing your loneliness. To live without judgment and learning to accept both each other and yourself. But how do you do that?

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