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10:00 - 17:00

CID- Centro Inernazionale della Danza
Corso Rosmini 58
Rovereto Choreographic Lab

Rovereto Choreographic Lab takes place in Rovereto, Italy on September 11-15.

The lab collects participants from England, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Germany and Sweden. The Swedish team consists of Veera Suvalo Grimberg and dancers Emilia Wärff, Soledad Howe, Celia Berndtzen and Aloun Marchal, along with dancers Billie Hammarberg and Felicia Sparrström from SpinnUnga

During the lab, the dancers will work with choreographers Michael Turinsky, Chiara Bersani and Anouk Llaurens. Michael focuses on the individuals own movement vocabulary and how other dancers engage with and develop principles of applying this to their own body. Chiara has more of a performance focus, with a particular interest in the political and the socially constructed body. Anouk works with a physical approach and strongly emphasizes the documentation of work. The lab is presented in connection to the festival Oriente Occidente.

Read more about the EU project Moving Beyond Inclusion here.

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