Danskompaniet Spinn


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09:00 - 17:00

CID- Centro Inernazionale della Danza
Corso Rosmini 58
Spark Lab

The Spark Lab takes place between 4-8 September in Rovereto, Italy and gathers 20 able and disabled dancers from seven European countries. The lab is lead by Italian playwright Roberto Fratini Serafide, focusing on dramaturgy as a choreographic tool.

Spark brings together BewegGrund – Switzerland (Project Managers), Oriente Occidente Dance Festival – Italy, Danskompaniet Spinn / Producentbyrån – Sweden, CODA Oslo International Dance Festival – Norway, Candoco Dance Company – Great Britain, Dance group Magie – Croatia and tanzfähig – Germany. The project is about strengthening already existing networks, share knowledge about specific working methods and choreographic approaches in inclusive dance, create a better mobility for the dancers from each respective organizations and their networks and create touring possibilities for works by inclusive dance companies.

During the project, the three festivals BewegGrund – Das Festival, Oriente Occidente Dance Festival and CODA Oslo International Dance Festival will each invite disabled performing artists to take part of the festivals. We will also present artistic labs. The first lab is focusing on dramaturgy and takes place in Rovereto, Italy in September 2019. The second lab takes place in Region Västra Götaland during Autumn 2020.

Read more about Spark here!

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