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18:00 - 19:00

Teatar &TD
Savska cesta 25
Trippel at Dance Week Festival, Zagreb

On Saturday June 3 we will present the performance Trippel at Dance Week Festival in the Croatian capital of Zagreb!

Trippel is a performance in three parts, created by the dancers themselves, consisting of Kurvatur, Solo and Trio. In Kurvatur, the two dancers challenge the balance point between themselves. Curves, lines, arcs, distances and encounters – everything exists in this winding asymmetric duet. In Solo, Spinn’s dancer Aloun Marchal plays with both the wheelchair and our perceptions of what it is and how it can be used and in Trio, the dancers enter into a game in which they continuously reinvent their identities in relation to each other.

Dance Week festival was started in 1982 and has since then presented over 500 international performances. The festival is organized by the Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, who is also one of the partners in the EU project Moving Beyond Inclusion.

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