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normbrytande och inkluderande



09:45 - 10:30

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Ådalavägen 1

Dancehall + crochet = Virkhall
How can stories be portrayed in movement?
In the meeting between crochet and dancehall we explore and together find a way into the stories. We warm up together and get to know crocheting and dancehall in our own bodies and then translates this into new movements.

Berith Stennabb is an artist working with spatial design, sound and movement in interdisciplinary collaborations. With a curiosity and an openness being the main driving force, new and exciting encounters are made on the most unexpected places in the everyday life!

Billie Hammarberg is a dancer whose artistic output spans a variety of expressions. With a strong love for different types of dance, her interest also lies in the meeting between these and their respective spatial approach.

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