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normbrytande och inkluderande



10:00 - 10:45

Ulrikaskolans idrottshall
Tre rosors väg 4A
Virkhall in Ulricehamn

For children ages 6-12 years!

In the meeting between crochet and the Jamaican dance style dancehall we explore and together find a way into the stories. Inspiration and stories from everyday life becomes movement and textile artworks.

A large piece of crocheting hangs in the middle of the room, and everyone contributes to it growing. We leave an impression by crocheting and attaching colorful threads. Together we find new ways in, we climb over and we shuffle under the large textile artwork. Stories big and small, life changing events and every day hilarities are collected. How can stories be told through movement?

Send registration to: karin.martinssongustafsson@ulricehamn.se

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