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Online-workshop with dancers from Spinn!

This workshop is aimed at people who likes to dance and who are interested by movement, body work and improvisation. Together, we are going to explore space, warm up and be creative.

Spinn’s artistic director Veera Suvalo Grimberg and the dancer Felicia Sparrström will be leading a digital workshop Sunday the 30th of January 11.00-12.30. The workshop is an initiative by BewegGrund i Schwizerland and will be held in English.

Read more about the workshop and how to apply here!

The image depicts four dancers wearing colorful workout clothes. Two of them are standing leaning against a yellow brick wall, the other two are each sitting in a wheelchair. Photo: Malin Johansson


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Spring 2022!

Spring 2022 will be filled with workshops, performances and inspiring meetings!

Denna sida upp and Miramos
Emilia Wärff´s solo Denna sida upp is taking its form during spring and will premiere in the fall of 2022. Denna sida upp is a poetic dance performance where objects, graphical forms and movement are combined in various bodily elements. A tour with Miramos is planned to happen in the northern of Sweden in April.

Stabat Mater
Tre dancers from Spinn will be part of Stabat Mater, a dancing concert that takes place the 3rd of April at Högsbo kyrka. The performance is a collaboration with Högsbo parish which also involves members from the parish.

There will be several larger workshop projects during spring. In the beginning of the year, we will visit Lerum, Kungälv and Falkenberg to give workshops of Vågade Vågor to pupils in special needs schools. In April and May, we have a massive chunk of workshops with Klot & Klimat in Härryda kommun. In June we are returning to Kungshamn and Hunnebostrand to give workshops to high school pupils. We are also having two workshops in March for newly arrived at Mölnlycke Kulturhus in a project named Välkomsten.

The image is an illustration of the North Pole. On the left is the upper body of a polar bear standing with its paw on a yellow-green ball, on the left is a bird. Graphic Design: Emilia Wärff

We really hope that all this and even more scheduled events will happen. More exciting things will be highlighted, stay updated on our Facebook page and website!