Summer is here and vacation is around the corner. But Danskompaniet Spinn isn’t just hanging in the hammock during the summer month. On Friday July 19, Emilia Wärff is visiting Anga on Gotland with her solo Denna sida upp– a performance about the Swedish benevolence.


Using her own experiences as the starting point, and with the gripper at hand, Emilia tells a story about the Swedish model that’s both abstract and absurd. Denna sida upp is a performance where function becomes form, where the Aid Central’s everyday selection is elevated, shifted, and transformed into something dreamy, headstrong, and beautiful. All of it to the rhythmic and playful music of musician and composer Anna Gustavsson.

The performance is arranged VIBRATIONSVERKET – Room for movement.  Vibrationsverket has been run since 2004 through the Kulturföreningen Balans i Fokus. Receives operating support from Region Gotland, a 3-year development grant from the Norwegian Cultural Council and collaborates with, among others, SV Gotland.


When: Friday 19 July at 7 p.m. 

Where: Tent at Stenstuga Anga
623 72 Katthammarsvik

Price: Adult 180 sek, youth up to 18 years/student 130 sek.

Soon you can buy your ticket here


The performance is presented without audio description at this occasion.

For information on the venue’s availability click here



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