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Interview: Spinn’s new coworkers part two

Spinn has got two new co-workers this autumn and of course we want to highlight that so we can get to know who they are! After the summer, Simmel Åslund started working together with us.

Since 2012, Simmel has worked as a freelance technician in stage, sound and lighting on some of the largest arenas in Sweden, toured around the world and run a recording studio in Gothenburg.

Hi Simmel! What is dance for you?
Dance for me is many things. When I dance myself, I get in touch with my body, it is both healing and expanding. Experiencing dance through for example performances often have a big impact on me, I guess it’s the mirror neurons favorite art expression!

Tell us how you came to work as a technician in stage production
The interest in stage technology started already in my teens, a few years before I started working with it. I seem to have had a natural aptitude for making things work, and challenges to solve things have always got me going.

What do you think is inspiring about working with performing arts?
Getting to work with performing arts is very fun as there are always new challenges, new meetings and new places. Not to mention all the inspiring art I get to see!

At last – what song are you listening to the most to right now?
Right now the song “Heat Above” by Greta Van Fleet has been played a few extra laps. Incredibly uplifting music!

Thank you for the interview Simmel, we are so happy to have you with us in Spinn!