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School workshops!

School workshops dealing with the UN Children’s Rights Convention and with our environment!

It is time for us in Spinn to set off to Nygårdsskolan with the workshop Lika värde! We are also working on the workshop Vågade Vågor at Sandbackaskolan in Kungälv.

Nygårdsskolan in Askim and the students in first grade are visited by Spinns’ dancers Felicia Sparrström and Hannah Karlsson. For three Mondays we will, together with the students, create a safe space where we can talk about and dance with the students the basic principles of the UN Children’s Rights Convention.

Since last week we are at Sandbackaskolan in Kungälv with Vågade Vågor. In the workshop, we explore movements with the children with inspiration from water, animals and plants. We create sounds with trash and build shapes using our bodies. Using each student’s own prerequisites, we create a safe environment where everyone dares to wave in their own way.

Image from dance workshop for children together with dancers from Spinn. Photo: Maja Blomqvist