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Stabat Mater at Högsbo Kyrka on Sunday!

On Sunday, it is finally time for a concert and dance performance of Stabat Mater!

The project Spinn – Stabat Mater is a collaboration between Högsbo församling and Danskompaniet Spinn. A creative project where modern dance meets 13th century anthem.
During the spring, we explored the room, the music and the movements based on Arvo Pärt’s music and the text Stabat Mater. The evening’s concert and dance performance is the end of the project.

Time: 17.00
Location: Högsbo Kyrka, Bankogatan 61,Gothenburg

Can’t get enough of Spinn Stabat Mater? At 16.00 the same day, the introduction “45 minutes before” starts, where you can experience more and get a taste of how the project is shaped.

You can read more information about the performance and participants here.