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Startup for Spinn’s environmental work

Last week, Spinn’s staff met during a business day. Among other things it was a startup for Spinn’s environmental work. We talked about how Spinn can work to reduce its climate footprint. Many interesting thoughts and questions were raised. What are we already doing that is good? In which areas can we improve? What does accessibility look like to make sustainable choices when it comes to travel, for example? What can we do artistically to raise the climate issue? It was an exciting start for Spinn’s environmental work. Continue to follow the development of our environmental work on our webpage.

In the picture we see four dancers. They are outdoors. On a wharf by a river. There are cranes in the background. Two dancers sit in wheelchairs, one of whom has one leg up on a wooden box. A third dancer lies on another wooden box and a fourth dancer balances on a concrete edge.Photo Malin Johansson