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15:00 - 15:45

Slussgatan 1
Dance workshop with SpinnVäxa and Passalen

For ages 12 and above, for anyone with or without disabilities.
Thursday August 17 at 15.00-15.45, Trädgårdsföreningen

Join us for an exiting workshop where we work with each individual’s unique possibilities as the starting point. In dance we meet on equal terms, because dancing doesn’t have to be that hard. Here we encourage curiosity, exploration and drive. This is a creative dance workshop for people both with and without disabilities.

The Prova på! area where the workshops are held is located at the playgrounds in Trädgårdsföreningen. Follow the instructions from the audience hosts so that everyone who wants to take part can have a good experience. Parents with strollers are advised to place these in the designated areas. The whole area is accessible for wheelchair and walker users.

The workshops are lead by Jenny Sandgren Wahlström, Dance Teacher and Director of SpinnVäxa.

Read more about the workshop for ages 12 and above here.
The workshops are open to everyone and free of charge.

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