Danskompaniet Spinn


normbrytande och inkluderande



14:00 - 15:00

Dalheimers hus
Slottsskogsgatan 12
Free workshop at Dalheimers hus

Welcome to a workshop with creative exercises and improvisation. Danskompaniet Spinn is a professional dance company who are passionate about the art of dance and about challenging stereotypes regarding what dance is. We dance based on our own abilities and reflect on what’s happening in the room and in our own bodies. We get warmed up and make exercises at various tempos and make time for reflection. No previous dance experience necessary. Bring comfortable clothes.

Venue: Hultbergsalen

Free entrance.
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This event is part of Dalheimers hus’ Hälsovecka, January 20 – 26.

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