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09:30 - 14:30

Styrsö skola
Brattenskogen 42
Klot & Klimat

Klot & Klimat as fall-break activity for students in middle school with Emilia Wärff, Britta Kangas and Annika Vestel!

We live and dream our blue-green globe.
Infinite in size and possibilities, and yet just a tiny dot in the Universe.
Our inner compass leads the way out into the vast space.

The workshop Klot & Klimat (Globe & Climate) deals with issues about the climate and how we together can make big changes, even with small actions. We warm up and find our own center. Then we’re off to the Arctic where we gather on ice floes and meet Ursus maritimus, Pinnipedia and other animals.

We move on through the world that is at times both warm and cold, wet and dry, still and stormy. We talk about shared responsibility, think about how everything’s connected and how we together can make a change. Because together we are both strong, brave and inventive.

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