The Arvsfond project years with SpinnVäxa & SpinnUnga ended this spring and will now continue as Dansutbildningen Språng. The close collaboration with Danskompaniet Spinn will continue in various forms and together we’ll work, side by side to create a more inclusive and norm-breaking dance world!

This autumns classes at Dansutbildningen Språng starts week 37. Read more about these and about Språng over at their website and through their social media:

Instagram – dansutbildningensprang
Facebook –

Please share Dansutbildningen Språng’s posts and suggest their social media channels to friends and acquaintances. The more visibility their activities get, the more norms and stereotypes are challenged and the idea about who is allowed to take part and contribute to our shared cultural life is broadened!

Image from Dansutbildningen Språng’s website. Photo: Beata Rydén

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