On May 25, SpinnVäxa & SpinnUnga presents the shared performance Livsvägar och tillfälligheter that takes place at Frölunda Kulturhus. The performance is the closing part of the Allmänna Arvsfonden project that has been going on over the last three years in collaboration between Danskompaniet Spinn and Studieförbundet Bilda.

The performance Livsvägar och tillfälligheter revolves around questions about what shapes us as humans, what stories we carry in relation to who we are and what affects us in life. The music is created by composer students Tove Kättström, Rasmus Levin and Nino Håkansson from Högskolan för Scen och Musik in Gothenburg. The performance feature both dancers from SpinnUnga and students from SpinnVäxa.

In connection to the performance there will also be an in-depth conversation about how we can move from words to action when it comes to inclusion and accessibility

18.00 – The performance Livsvägar och tillfälligheter. Stora Scenen, Frölunda Kulturhus.
19.00-19.45 – In-depth conversation lead by Helena Wattström, Högskolan för Scen och Musik.

Cost: Free of charge. Book your ticket at www.ticketmaster.se or +46 31-366 27 25

Image for the performance Livsvägar och tillfälligheter.

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