Dance and poetry becomes winter magic!

We’re so happy to be part of the Gothenburg city initiative Jul till Kvarteret with our performance Winter SpinnOut.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the Gothenburg city meeting places for the elderly were forced to close down. To counteract loneliness and isolation, the city initiated the project Kultur till Kvarteret (Culture to the Neighborhood). Gigs and performances started in May and lasted until the last of August. This success now gets a continuation in the form of Jul till Kvarteret (Christmas to the Neighborhood), an initiative that runs from week 49-51 in collaboration with Speldags, which is part of the Cultural Administration. Just like Kultur till Kvarteret, Jul till Kvarteret will perform at courtyards throughout Gothenburg where many elderly live.

Winter SpinnOut is an outdoors performance that for 20 minutes lights up and warms us. Joining from Danskompaniet Spinn are the dancers Emilia Wärff, Felicia Sparrström, Hannah Karlsson and our company host Tone Helly-Hansen. The performance also contain recorded music by Anders Rimpi and new texts by Ylva Andersson from SpinnUnga.

The performances with Winter SpinnOut are mainly for the elderly at the retirement homes. But since we perform outside, it’s also open for everyone to experience. Naturally with a Covid-19 adjusted distance to each other, the elderly and us.

Click here for dates, places and performance times.


The image is an illustration depicting four different colored Christmas baubles, linked together by a white string, set against a dark green background. Illustration: Emilia Wärff

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