Press image for the performance Trippel. Photo: Lars Dyrendom


Trippel is a performance in three parts created by the dancers themselves consisting of Kurvatur, Solo and Trio.

In Kurvatur, the two dancers challenge the point of balance between them. Curves, lines, arcs, distances and encounters – everything exists in a winding asymmetric duet with Emilia Wärff and Malin Rönnerman. Danskompaniet Spinn continues to develop the art of dance, putting movement and body in focus in a new production for new locations.

In Solo, Spinn’s dancer Aloun Marchal plays with both the wheelchair and our perceptions about it and how it can be used.

In Trio, the dancers enter into a game in which they continuously reinvent their identities in relation to each other. A rich stage vocabulary of dance, situations, small talk, occurrences and dreams is created by questioning what it means to be close to someone. The present is a creation made up of collaborations and endless variations of all the encounters that take place.

Trippel premiered at Regionteater Väst in Borås in April 2015 and has been presented in Lidköping and Ljusdal.


Press image for the performance Trippel. Photo: Lars Dyrendom
Image from the performance Kurvatur. Photo: Ismo Helén
Image from the performance Solo. Photo: Ingmar Jernberg
Image from the performance Trio. Photo: Lars Dyrendom


Artistic Director
Veera Suvalo Grimberg
Malin Rönnerman and Emilia Wärf (Kurvatur), Aloun Marchal (Solo), Aloun Marchal, Malin Rönnerman, Gilda Stillbäck and Emilia Wärff (Trio)
Malin Rönnerman / Anna Bergström
Emilia Wärff
Aloun Marchal
Gilda Stillbäck
Anders Rimpi
Danskompaniet Spinn
Johann Nordqvist (Kurvatur/Solo), Johan Rödström (Solo/Trio)


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