Image of the dance workshop Virkhall with Berith Stennabb and Billie Hammarberg. Photo: Mireille Leblanc


Dancehall + crochet = Virkhall
How can stories be portrayed in movement?
In the meeting between crochet and dancehall we explore and find a way into the stories together. We warm up and get to know the feeling of crocheting and dancehall within our own bodies, and then translate this into new movements.

Berith Stennabb is an artist working with spatial design, sound and movement in interdisciplinary collaborations. With curiosity and openness being the main driving forces, new and exciting encounters are made in the most unexpected, everyday places!

Billie Hammarberg is a dancer whose artistic output spans a variety of expressions. With a strong love for different types of dance, her interest also lies in the meeting between these, and the effect this has on a room.

Target groups
Immigrants, school children, staff groups etc.

Half day/full day.

Size of the group
Max 20 participants.

Works either as a workshop half or full day, as a community art project or for Skapande Skola.


Number of participants max 20
Space a cleaned floor of minimum 6×8 m
Time half day/full day
We bring our own PA
Price 2 artists from Spinn
Half day 6000 kr
Full day 8000 kr


For an estimate on longer projects, please get in touch with Veera Suvalo Grimberg

Workshop information sheet coming soon!

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