On December 5, Kultur i Väst presents the seminar day Från Att till Hur – en konferens om tillgänglig scenkonst at Världskulturmuseet in Gothenburg.

From Kultur i Väst’s website:
“This conference is targeted towards intermediaries and independent practitioners in performing arts, directors, artistic directors, producers, communicators, technicians and artistic personnel. During the conference Från Att till Hur, you will get a summary of the new guidelines concerning accessible performing arts in Västra Götalandsregionen, and there will also be examples and inspiration on how you can improve the level of accessibility even more.”

Spinn will present the workshop Virkhall and our very own Emilia Wärff will be the host of the day. Dag Rosenqvist from Producentbyrån will give a presentation on accessibility regarding website development, using the work on Spinn’s new website as the starting point. Other participants include dancer Sindri Runudde, Lars Melin, Monika Milocco and Helena Wilén from Regionteater Väst and Petra Kloo Vik from Göteborgs Symfoniker.

Last day for registering is Friday November 24.
The day is free of charge and you can read more about the program here!

09.30 – 16.45


Södra vägen 54

The content for the conference has been developed in collaboration between Kultur i Väst, Teatercentrum Väst, Danscentrum Väst and Danskompaniet Spinn.

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