On May 31st, the culture festival Gränslandet (Borderlands) takes place at Göteborgs Litteraturhus. Gränslandet is a culture festival about the body’s encounter with places, identities and taboos, organized by students from Cultural Studies at the University of Gothenburg. Spinn’s dancer Emila Wärff and SpinnUnga’s director Anna Bergström has been invited to present the company and what we do.

About Gränslandet
By asking questions about society’s norms, this festival addresses mankind’s various limitations and possibilities in this world. The body becomes a focal point for how people can live their lives. We address these limitations that, in some way or another, dictates what’s ok and what’s not, and in what way these limitations affect mankind’s existence, mentally and physically. We want to open up for conversations, explore questions and stimulate reflection on the borderlands we live in.

Program and participants
– Danskompaniet Spinn – Emilia Wärff and Anna Bergström presents the company
– Azizullah & Ulla Mogren (artist) – film project about being a young asylum seeker in Sweden
– Mostafa Hosseini – psychologist from Rädda barnen about youth refugees
– The Bookhouse Boys (improv-theatre group)
– MShop – home party and conversation about sexual taboo’s and female masturbation
– Jovanna Radic Eriksson – body activist and artist
– Short film screening about taboos
+ additional participants

Gränslandet starts at noon and ends at 10 pm and throughout the day there will be workshops, exhibitions quiz and films. There will also be Biosaurus crisps from Mclloyd and other snacks.

The whole day is free of charge, so bring your friends and learn something new!

May 31 2017

at 12.00-22.00

Göteborgs Litteraturhus
Heurlins plats 1, Göteborg

Read more about it here.

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