During autumn we started an internal development process in order to give Spinn’s dancers better tools to work with their bodies. For this purpose we have started working with pedagogue Barbro Olsson who teaches Alexander Technique, where the aim is for the dancers to gain better understanding and find a more natural way of using their bodies. But the internal work also revolves around group dynamic and how we as a company can and want to function. For this we have consulted coach Helena Östblom Berg who works with group processes.

The work continues during spring 2020 along with additional competences Stina Hedberg, physiotherapist and choreographer who, a.o. works as a movement coach, and Katarina Eriksson, dancer who predominantly works with contact improvisation.

The experiences and teachings we draw from these processes are something we will carry with us onto coming productions and this contributes immensely to the overall sustainability of our dancers.

Pictured below are Alexander teacher Barbro Olsson during a class with dancer Britta Kangas. Together they work on a better way of walking in order to take some pressure off the feet.

This project is made possible through development funding from Göteborgs stad.

Alexander Technique with dancer Britta Kangas and teacher Barbro Olsson. Photo: Veera Suvalo Grimberg

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