As we speak, Spinn is right in the middle of a three week long tour with the workshop Klot & Klimat, where they will be giving a total of 24 workshops to third graders around Härryda. Klot & Klimat illuminates climate-related issues, and how we together can make big changes even with the smallest of efforts. Everything takes place outside, in schoolyards or on nearby sports grounds, so the weather is a constant source of excitement and surprise – for a few days we had a mix of snow, rain and hail! Despite this, the students and teachers have all been amazing, throwing themselves headlong into an arctic excursion, where we’ve explored animal movements and built a future-machine with the help from the student’s own ideas. It’s been truly wonderful to once again meet a live audience!

Participating dancers are Hannah Karlsson, Felicia Sparrström, Emilia Wärff and Veera Suvalo Grimberg.

The image shows dancers Felicia Sparrström and Hannah Karlsson. Felicia on the left is wearing a thick black scarf. Hannah on the right is wearing a yellow cap and glasses.

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