Since the start of SpinnUnga back in 2014, Spinn has held a mentorship program for the SpinnUnga dancers. The program has been about sharing experiences and to work as a support for the development of the dancers.

Last week we had a digital meeting – as seen below in this wonderful illustration – where a.o. Spinn’s dancer Felicia Sparrström shared her thoughts on the importance of having Emilia Wärff as her mentor during her years in SpinnUnga. An although it was a digital meeting, we still did some physical work and we also had some time for questions and reflections.

During the year, two of Spinn’s dancers will act as mentors for seven of the SpinnUnga dancers. There will be 2-3 meetings during April to June and the mentorship will continue during fall as well.

Drawing of a Zoom conference call between Spinn and the SpinnUnga dancers.

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