Over the last couple of weeks, Veera Suvalo Grimberg along with dancers Izabell Makiela and Felicia Sparrström, have worked intensively on a new Spinn workshop that we call Klot & Klimat (approx: Globe & Climate).

In preparation for this work, we’ve read up on climate change, The Arctic, different animals and about the impact that human kind have on the world. For us it’s not about lecturing or having all the answers at hand. But about finding creative solutions to problems big and small, together with the children. Something that children are amazing at!

Work has taken place at Spinnstudion, but the idea is that the workshop can be held both inside and outside. We’ve also done a test workshop along with students from Karl Johansskolan in Gothenburg. Hopefully we will be able to hold some workshops already after Easter, provided the schools stay open.

Image for Spinn’s new workshop Klot & Klimat. In the picture we see dancers Izabell Makiela and Felicia Sparrström each holding a globe. Photo: Veera Suvalo Grimberg

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