On February 13-17, Spinns Artistic Director Veera Suvalo Grimberg will give a mini-course in the Russian city of Archangelsk along with composer Tomas Hulenvik and percussionist Ellen Sjö Sander. This course is part of Share Music & Performing Arts ongoing inclusive artistic work in Russia.

 Image from when Veera Suvalo Grimberg is leading a workshop in Archangelsk

Since 2009 ShareMusic has worked on establishing connections in Russia. Today there is a broad network in the country, and they have amongst other things arranged seminars, lectures and workshops. The international project Kluchi in the northwestern parts of Russia focuses on the importance of inclusive performing artistic practices. The key learnings from the project will be disseminated in Archangelsk and in some of the other districts in the area; Leshukonsk, Kargopol, Velsk and Krasnoborsk. The aim of the project is to create space for various forms of dance and performing arts, and to give an insight into collaborative creative processes.

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