Wednesday February 21th, Spinn visits play rehab at  Drottning Silvias children Hospital 

The day begins with the company’s popular Spinnout. Join Spinn’s dancers on an impromptu dance adventure for the whole family.
The dancers start in the main entrance, and continue into corridors and out into the light yard. All to recorded music by Anders Rimpi Time: 11.30-12.15

Location: Main entrance – Corridor – Light yard

During the day, Spinn also offers workshops with dance, shadow play and music apps. Come and go as you please!

The workshops are given on two occasions during the day

Time: 2-3:15pm and 3:30-4:30pm

Location: Play therapy

The activities are made possible with the support of the Willinska Stiftelsen & Stiftelsen Göteborgs Arbetsstugor

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