Here you can read about Spinn’s performances, watch trailers and download production info.

Current performances

Two dancers moving past each other. We see the back of one dancer wearing white pants, a turquoise shirt and a red headdress. We see the other dancer's face and upper body, it extends its arm and hand towards the camera. It wears a headdress with long strips hanging down. The dancers on a red oriental carpet. In the background we see the audience watching their dance improvisation. Photo Daniel Bjurgård/>


A dancer sits between a group of white screens with pointy edges, resembling icebergs. We see the dancer from their shoulder up, with their gaze fixed on the viewer. The dancer is wearing a pink body stocking with a vest on top. On their head, the dancer wears a hat with fluffy pointy pink hair. To the right behind the dancer, we see two pink legs coming up. The background is dark blue and in the foreground, we see a large fluffy pink tail. Photo: Malin Arnesson


The image depicts a person with red hair sitting with the back towards us, wearing a mustard-yellow shirt. In their hand is a yellow gripper holding a lit match above a stearic candle. Photo: Lars Dyrendom


Image for the performance Hannah Felicia. The image depicts the dancers in a forest, wearing costumes shimmering in pink. Felicia is sitting in a wheelchair with her arms pointing backwards, flowing red hair, looking upwards right. Behind her, up on the wheelchair, Hannah crouches, also looking upwards right. Photo: Anna Ósk Erlingsdóttir


Image from the performance Miramos by Torgunn Wold. Photo: Lina Ikse


Previous performances

In the foreground lies a dancer with her legs to the left and her upper body to the right. She has braided red hair and are looking down at the floor. In the background to the left sits a dance out of focus next to a bright spotlight. In the background to the right we see the legs and parts of the arms of a person. The picture is dark and light is reflected on the shiny floor. Photo: Polina Ulianova


Image from the performance Garden of Trees. Photo: Malin Johansson


Image from the performance Florere. Photo: Saman Nazari, Sam Photo and Film,


Image for the production Skirtpower. Photo: Chrisander Brun


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