Image from dance workshop for children with dancers from Spinn. Photo: Maja Blomqvist


A playful dance workshop on the theme TRASH.
Are you curious about how it feels to be a glass bobbing in water, a creeping compost or a crawling piece of cardboard? How does a plastic pirouette actually sound? We move according to our own abilities and discover what we can create with our bodies. We learn about sorting, recycling and materials.

Target group
Pre-school, junior and intermediate level.

60 min.


Number of participants max 30
Space a cleaned floor of minimum 6×8 m
Time 60 min
Access to a PA system
Price 2 artists from Spinn
1 session 6000 kr
2nd session 2000 kr
3rd session 1500 kr
Full day 9500 kr


Workshop information sheet coming soon!

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