Between 2016-2018, Spinn and Producentbyrån have been part of the EU project Moving Moving Beyond Inclusion. The aim of the project has been to display diversity and create equal opportunities for everybody in practicing the art of dance. It has been about creating a supporting network of companies, artists and programmers, with a long-term aim of broadening the European work force and the artistic work. At the core it’s been about the development of professional performing arts both in terms of dancers, choreographers and audiences.

The project officially ended on June 29, and during the year Spinn and Producentbyrån have labored intensively with reporting what we’ve done and achieved within Moving Beyond Inclusion. And as part of this, the project lead part Candoco Dance Company in collaboration with the rest of the project partners, have created an Artistic Resource, explaining more about the project itself. But it also gives some insights into the participating artists view on Moving Beyond Inclusion as a whole, and offers some personal reflections on this amazing project.

Moving Beyond Inclusion – An Artistic Resource can be downloaded here!

Image from Uddevalla Choreographic Lab/Moving Beyond Inclusion in Uddevalla. Photo: Patrik Gunnar Helin

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