On Friday November 20 Skånes Dansteater presents the digital conference DansFunk Branschdag where Spinn participates along a number of artists and organizations from the Swedish dance sector.

In 2012 Skånes Dansteater started a journey towards a more inclusive dance scene with the festival DansFunk. The festival was to become a pivotal moment also nationally regarding dance and disabilities and the wider discussion around the question of who’s allowed on stage. Many great initiatives have happened since then and several strategies set in place towards a greater inclusion within dance. On the 20th of November 2020 the dance industry gathers once again with the aim of joining forces and begin the journey towards creating a manifest for the future.

Spinn will discuss how we, using the support of the signed UN convention on Human Rights, can develop a sustainable agenda, which enables our audiences to gain access to performances by and with disabled dancers and choreographers.

During the day, Spinn’s dancer Emilia Wärff will also participate, talking about how we challenge the structures and processes that exists when we produce and make dance and how we can create possibilities so that disabled choreographers and dancers develop artistic leadership on their own terms.

The conference will be live-streamed and takes place on November 20 at 09.30-16.00.
Please e-mail dansfunk@skanesdansteater.se to register.
This day will be held in English.

Read more about the day here!

The image depicts two dancers in profile against a black background. The dancer on the left lies on her back with her legs up on a wheelchair that has tipped over. The dancer on the right stands on her head with spread legs, while holding onto the wheelchair with her hands. Photo: Tilo Stengel

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