Work on the recorded audio description of the performance Miramos is moving forward, in spite of the current Covid-19 restrictions. The idea was for the project’s reference group to meet up on November 6, but under current circumstances we shifted this around to a digital meeting instead. The reference group now have access to a recorded version of Miramos, with a first draft of the audio description. The idea is to have another meeting to gather reactions, reflections and thoughts within a few weeks.

We still don’t know whether the live performance that we were hoping to invite the reference group to at the end of November will actually happen, but we have a back-up for that as well. Either way, we’ve so happy that this project is moving forward. Click here to read more about the project!

Image for the performance Miramos. The image depicts from left to right the four characters Sol, Kryp, Pinne, Slange. They are wearing one-colored costumes in red, purple, turquoise green and blue. Sol and Kryp are in the background cheering on Pinne. In the foreground Slange is sitting on Pinne’s back. Photo: Lina Ikse

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