Month / April 2023

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  • Tonight it’s time for Moby Dick in Gent

    Tonight it’s time for Spinn’s dancers to meet the audience with the performance Moby Dick . The performance takes place at the theater NTGent in Ghent, Belgium. Spinn does 2 the performances of Moby Dick during their stay.

  • A red dance mat with stage lights that illuminate the center of the mat. Two dancers dancing on the carpet. One of them sits in a wheelchair and holds the other dancer, who is sitting on her lap, and stretches backwards with her eyes fixed on the ceiling. The dancer in the chair has her eyes directed towards the audience. Photo Jini Sofia

    Hannah Felicia on X Dance Festival in Helsinki

    Welcome to X Dance Festival (XDF) and Hannah Felicia, who is a guest at the festival with two performances.
    XDF runs from 30/-4/6 and is a festival run by the integrated dance company Kaaos Company

  • Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description in Barcelona

    April 20-21 Spinn will participate in the conference Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description (ARSAD) 2023 in Barcelona. At the conference, the latest trends and challenges in audio description will be discussed. ARSAD is a meeting place for researchers, educators, users, regulators, broadcasters, decision makers, social activists, cultural managers and anyone interested in audio description.

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