Spinnout + workshop på Drottning Silvias children’s hospital

Danskompaniet Spinn wish you happy easter! We also want to take the opportunity to tell you about next week’s visit to Drottning Silvia’s children’s hospital in Gothenburg. On Tuesday, April 2, there will be  Spinnout + a workshop in the Play therapy

The day begins with the company’s popular Spinnout. Join Spinn’s dancers on an improvised dance adventure for the whole family. All to recorded music by Anders Rimpi

Time: 11.30-12.00

Location: Play therapy

During the day, Spinn also offers a workshop with dance and music apps. You can also create your own eye mask. Come and go as you please.

Time: 1:00- 3:00pm

Location: Play therapy

The activities are made possible with the support of the Willinska Stiftelsen & Stiftelsen Göteborgs Arbetsstugor 

Photo: Maja Blomqvist
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