Kunskapsdagarna 2020 focus on the possibilities in art for children and youth with special needs, using the project Scen:se as the starting point.

The Scen:se project, Folkteatern Gävleborg and Kultur Gävleborg has invited interesting and groundbreaking artists, pedagogues, researchers, relatives and culture intermediaries from Sweden and Great Britain. What they have in common is that they, in various ways, work with and takes an interest in the importance of art and culture when it comes to children and youth with disabilities.

Kunskapsdagarna was supposed to take place in Gävle and Hudiksvall on March 30-31, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is now instead presented digitally with mainly the same lecturers. The program is presented in two segments.

Segment 1 – Lectures online
Monday October 19th all of the lectures will be available at Kultimera.se. After you’ve registered, you will get a link to the site that will be active from October 19th – November 3rd. There you can watch pre-recorded seminars. This means you can do this at your own pace during the weeks the link is active.

Segment 2 – Digital workshops
Monday and Tuesday November 2nd-3rd there will be live workshops with the lecturers via Zoom. Once you’ve registered you will receive a link. The participants are Anna Pella, Lotta Frecon, Ellie Griffiths, Göran Johansson, Mikael Alfredsson and Veera Suvalo Grimberg. In addition to this, you as participants can ask questions to Eva von Hofsten and a number of the project’s artists.

Register at:

Please state name, occupation and if applicable, organization and what digital Zoom live-sessions you wish to take part in. Kunskapsdagarna is free of charge.

Last day for registering is Friday October 16th.

Read more about Kunskapsdagarna 2020 here!

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