October is here and now it’s finally time to take our latest performance Miramos out onto the roads again! Yesterday we played it for an amazing group of school children at Moliden in Karlsborg, and this Saturday we’re bringing the performance to Mölnlycke kulturhus.

Mölnlycke kulturhus on October 5 at 12.00.
Tickets cost 50 sek each.
Read more and book here.

About Miramos
Miramos lets us in on a magical and playful journey outside of time, amongst colours, shapes and imagination. It shows us how to find the courage to approach and become friends with someone who looks very different. Taking inspiration from the works of artist Joan Miró, the Norwegian Choreographer Torgunn Wold and Spanish Dramaturg Paulo Serantes have created a playful performance without any words through the meeting of dance, theatre and music. Miramos is for ages 4-8 and families.

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