We’re back after a great summer vacation and we have an amazing fall to look forward to! One of the many things that will keep us busy during fall is Relaxed Performance, a collaboration with Göteborgs Konserthus.

Relaxed Performance is a concert format where everyone is welcome to enjoy the music in any way they want. Featuring musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony and Danskompaniet Spinn. Here you can move around, dance, sing or just listen.

”Relaxed Performance is a first step in a dedicated development work where we are looking for a new type of concert situation, where everyone can feel comfortable and welcome. The issue of accessibility to arts and its basic conditions pose a number of questions, but fail to deliver any conclusive answers. Relaxed Performance is a way of addressing this issue. Perhaps it could be a laboratory, where we use the possibilities of art as the starting point to create more rooms, different rooms where we meet and consume symphonic music in a variety of ways, in different ways. We have to strive for a reality where alienation is minimized and where the norm is broadened. We have to be bold enough to challenge convention and the traditional form. I believe this leads to evolution. For those of us who choose to be present in the concert hall. For the way we present and perform. For art itself.” – Petra Kloo Vik, Head of educational department at the Gothenburg Concert Hall

 mage for Relaxed Performance depicting Spinn’s dancers Celia Berndtzen, Emilia Wärff and Adam Henriksson.

The seats are unnumbered. Row two is reserved for visually impaired and row one for wheelchair users and accompaniers. All accompaniers go free of charge – tickets can be booked at biljett@gso.se or by phone +46 31-726 53 00

The concert is audio described using Tecken som stöd (TSS).
Before the concert there will be a audio described introduction, starting at 14.20.

Price: 120 sek
Student: 60 sek
Children: 60 sek

You can read more about the project over at the Gothenburg Symphony website.

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