On Tuesday November 6 we’re performing Skirtpower in Stora salen at Vara Konserthus at 19:30! After the performance there will be an audience talk with our own Veera Suvalo Grimberg.

Skirtpower is about the skirt as an ambiguous symbol of our society’s view of our bodies. About different codes for masculinity and femininity and expressions of sexuality. That the skirt, throughout history, has been a garment communicating masculinity and power, but how today it’s so clearly a feminine garment. Skirtpower is a study on forbidden bodies and movements in skirts, about sexuality and power. And about tenderness.

“Skirtpower breathes everything from the most fragile to raw sexuality, and the interaction with the audience is at times almost defiant. What I saw on stage was strength, beauty and sublime sensuality in its most beautiful form. There were three professional dancers who treated us to an amazing performance, plain and simple.” – Karin Noomi Karlsson, Scenkonstguiden

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