Inclusive Dance World Vision is an international digital festival that takes place online on December 1st 2020. The festival gathers artists and companies in inclusive dance from almost 30 countries like Russia, Italy, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia and Sweden to name a few.

The day is divided in three parts and Spinn participates during the first section, starting already at 08.00 CET. During the morning we will show a short excerpt from the performance Hannah Felicia. After this there will be an interview with Veera regarding the work that Spinn does. Our segment is then finished off with a workshop presenting Spinn’s own interpretation of the classic Slängpolskan, developed especially for this occasion in collaboration with Helena Helén! There’s a first time for everything… The day is free of charge, but you need to register to take part of the event.

Click here to register!

Read more about the day at the Inclusive Dance World Visions website or in the Facebook event.

Image for the performance Hannah Felicia. The image depicts the dancers in a forest, wearing costumes shimmering in pink. Felicia is sitting in a wheelchair with her arms pointing backwards, flowing red hair, looking upwards right. Behind her, up on the wheelchair, Hannah crouches, also looking upwards right. Photo: Anna Ósk Erlingsdóttir

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