In September we started a collaboration with Författarcentrum Väst. The project Att skriva dansen och dansa skriften (To write dance and to dance writing) gathers authors from the Sweden, Iceland, England and Norway and has a HBTQL theme, focusing on relations between people of all ages, different gender identities, with and without disabilities.

Within the project we will investigate the choreography of text and the notions and ideas that arise when dance meet writing. Because what happens with a text when it’s all of a sudden given physical form in a dancers body? And what happens in the body when the words that has amassed there, suddenly breaks free?

On October 14th, the project presented a work-in-progress performance in Hagakyrkan in Gothenburg. The concert was part of Göteborg International Organ Festival 2019. In addition to the dancers Izabell Makiela, Felicia Sparrström and Annika Vestel, the performance featured organist Benjamin Kjell and our company host Tone Helly-Hansen and Veera Suvalo Grimberg who both read texts submitted by the authors of the project. The performance was documented by Sanna Larén who has also edited the film you can se here!

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