Spinn was founded in 2010, which means that we’ve now turned 10 years as a company! It has been 10 proud, challenging and informative years.

For 10 years we have created dance art for audiences in Sweden and internationally. We have performed on stages, visited festivals and fairs, performed for young audiences, been part of EU-projects, held workshops, participated in international labs, discussed accessibility and fought for everybody’s natural right to express themselves through dance. We have worked with choreographers from Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Argentina and Italy. We have worked with incredible composers, dramaturges, set designers, lighting designers, photographers and costume designers. We’ve had the privilege of working with amazing dancers from Sweden, France, Spain, Italy and England.

For 10 years we’ve worked to make sure more people are allowed on stage. So that the idea of dance and dancers are widened so more people are given space. But above all we’ve created dance art that touches and engages. And that’s something we’re incredibly proud of. With warmth, humor and sharpness we have wanted to create performances that lives on after the lights have gone out.

To celebrate what has been, we have put together a short film to show at least a tiny shard of all the fun we’ve had these last 10 years. A flashback on 10 unique performances, created by 10 extraordinary choreographers.

We at Spinn are extremely grateful for all the encounters with amazing artists and all the presenters and our amazing colleagues, both at the office and at Producentbyrån. A big thank you also to our funders Göteborgs Stad, Västra Götalandsregionen and Statens Kulturråd who are important enablers through their financial support and their continued dialogue. And of course, the biggest thank you goes out the audiences that we’ve met. Without you there is no Spinn.

We look forward to the coming 10 years.

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