Just like fall 2020, there are still a great deal of uncertainties regarding spring 2021. And as we all know by now, things can change quickly according to possible new restrictions. But naturally we hope to be able to get out there and perform a bit more that what was possible 2020.

Hannah Felicia
At the beginning of February we were meant to present our latest performance Hannah Felicia at Vara Konserthus. This has now been pushed forward to the beginning of May. We will get back to you with more information regarding date and time for this, but regardless we are looking forward to come to Vara to present this amazing performance! Monday February 1 the performance is part of the Salto! digital showcase day and on Saturday February 6 it’s part of Utbudsdag Digital 2021.

At the end of February we’re heading for Stockholm to present Miramos for pre-schools at Hallen in Farsta. The performances in Farsta is part of the presenters network DANSISTAN. At the end of May we’re visiting Mölndal with performances as part of a Skapande skola project for special needs schools. We are also part of Markedet for Scenekunst’s digital showcase day on Friday April 9, and at the moment we are in dialogue about a public performance in Gothenburg at the end of March.

Klot & Klimat
In April we’re heading for Härryda for no less than 24 workshops with Klot & Klimat, which feels fantastic. Klot & Klimat ia an outdoors workshop that deals with issues about the climate and how we together can make big changes, even with small actions. Read more about the workshop here!

Recorded audio description of Miramos
The finish of this project were set for February, but the way things look at the moment we have been forced to postpone this until the end of march instead. Work on the project moves forward, and the reference group have contributed with so much valuable thoughts, ideas and perspectives. More information will come during spring. Read more about the project here!

Tillgängliggöra Dans
Tillgängliggöra Dans (Make Dance Accessible) is a collaborative project between GGM Film and Danskompaniet Spinn, where Virtual Reality is explored as a medium for making dance accessible for a wider group of people. The project revolves around a practical approach towards digitalizing dance, making it more accessible for an audience that for various reasons aren’t able or willing to be at the actual physical venue. A way of letting Spinn’s performances meet an audience where they are, on their terms. More information will come during spring.

Moby Dick
In May we will resume work on the performance Moby Dick that were supposed to premiere in September 2020. During week 22 we’re having a residency at Vara Konserthus with choreographer Chiara Bersani. During the week we will also host an open rehearsal. At the end of June, Chiara and her team will come back to Gothenburg for a two-week rehearsal period at Spinnstudion. Moby Dick will premiere at the Italian festival Oriente Occidente Dance Festival that takes place in Rovereto at the beginning of September 2021.

The image depicts four dancers wearing billowing clothes, standing and sitting on a pile of rocks at Lake Garda in northern Italy. In the background we see mountains sloping towards the lake. Photo: Federico Gazza

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