April has arrived, and with it a few sunny, although cold, Easter days. While waiting for the first touch of true spring warmth, we want to highlight our new accessibility folder! Our dance studio Spinnstudion at Järntorget 7 has been our workspace for the last five years. It’s a fully accessibility adapted dance studio and office space that is part of Göteborgs Kulturkluster (the Gothenburg Cultural Cluster). Other performing artists, besides us at Spinn, are also frequenting it. Now we’ve taken an important step toward making it even more accessible, by creating an accessibility folder complete with images, details about the premises and other useful information. The folder is designed by Spinn dancer and graphic designer Emilia Wärff, together with artistic director Veera Suvalo Grimberg and Producentbyrån. It’s available in English and will be updated yearly.

Feel free to check it out here!

Against a mint green background there is a black text saying Accessibility Göteborgs Kulturkluster. In the top right corner there is a black arrow pointing to the right. Design: Emilia Wärff

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